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Club Penguin

   Hey CP fans! This part of our site is where we talk about one of the best social networking games for kids on the web.   http://www.clubpenguin.com/


       Hey Club Penguin fans!  As you may have noticedthe Halloween Party and storm are over.   Things on CP have cooled down but soon it will heat back up when the new play comes to town.  But right no I want to talk about decorating igloos.  First of all people make their igloo look like something, from beaches to animal shelters igloos are always great.  Then they advertise their igloo in the Town and well people go there (and stay there for a while) if it's cool if it sounds lame or looks lame they leave so that's a lesson to learn.  Some of my personal favorites are; library, collages, CP Times, and Coffee Shop.  Well that's all for now Club Penguin fans!  Vist Club Penguin at: http://www.clubpenguin.com/

Did You Know??????

    Club Penguin was created for years ago in October 2005.  Since then Club Penguin has come a long way.  With thousand of players and even new buildings plus cool partiesand much much more!!
Ibo Meebo (ah ah ah ah!)